Moze Breeze Two - Wavy Red

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The Moze Breeze Two is the successor to the successful first generation Moze Breeze. With new... more
Product information "Moze Breeze Two - Wavy Red"

The Moze Breeze Two is the successor to the successful first generation Moze Breeze. With new features, the new version surpasses its predecessor!

Main features of the new Moze Breeze Two hookah:

One Hookah - Four Different Purge Options: Due to the new protected and innovative purge system of the Moze Breeze Two it is possible to build up your Breeze individually before smoking and you can choose between four different blowout options.
The first option the classic variant, which is already known from the first generation Moze Breeze, where smoke is blown out from the base in the direction of the coal plate. For this, the blow-out element is simply placed at the base.
The second variant is the blowing out below the coal plate in the direction of the glass base of the hookah. In this case, the blow-out element of the shisha is placed below the charcoal plate.
The third way to blow out the smoke from the bowl of the Moze Breeze Two is that the smoke shoots out above the bowl and makes the bowl disappear in smoke. For this, the blow-out element is screwed onto the larger plate and the bowl adapter is screwed to the blow-out ring (without placing the second charcoal plate between the two parts).
If, on the other hand, the second charcoal plate is screwed between the blow-out element and the bowl adapter, the smoke emerges from the gap between the two charcoal plates.


A detailed assembly instruction for the different versions with pictures can be found here.


Cutted Downstem: Another special feature of the Moze Breeze Two, is the designed dip tube. There are already too many boring dip tubes without design. The X-Cuts in the dip tube make the dip tube of the Moze Breeze Two stand out from the crowd.

Dettachable Diffuser: The diffuser of the Moze Breeze Two is removable and screwable on both sides. This allows you to easily decide whether you want to hear quiet or loud sounds while smoking. If you choose to have the pipe bubbling loudly, we recommend screwing the diffuser on with the holes facing the base so it doesn't get misplaced.

Lasered Plates: The charcoal plates of the Moze Breeze Two are both lasered, the lasered pattern is what sets the charcoal plates apart from conventional ones.

+LINE Products: As with the first generation Breeze, we offer additional products to customize your Moze Breeze Two. With the +LINE products you can let your imagination run wild. In addition to the Mouthpiece Extension, which extends the mouthpiece, there are sleeve sets in all available Moze Breeze Two colors, so you can always customize your Breeze Two with the different colors. These include once each the mouthpiece sleeve, as well as the smoke column sleeve. The +LINE products are constantly being expanded, so the Breeze Two is never boring!


Height: approx. 40cm without bowl
Diameter (large coal plate): 16cm
Material: stainless steel, POM, epoxy resin/acrylic resin
Scope of delivery:

Glass Base (glass)
Diffuser (stainless steel)
Dip tube (stainless steel)
Heart (POM)
Smoke column core (stainless steel)
Smoke column sleeve (acrylic / epoxy resin)
Blow-out element (stainless steel)
Carbon plate 1 (stainless steel)
Carbon plate 2 for top plate purge (stainless steel)
Bowl adapter (stainless steel)
Mouthpiece 2-piece (stainless steel)
Mouthpiece sleeve (acrylic / epoxy resin)
Base gaskets (2 sizes) (silicone)
Bowl gasket (silicone)

Attention: Small inclusions (e.g. air) in the glass (base) cannot be excluded due to the handmade production and are therefore no reason for complaint. The epoxy resin components (smoke column and mouthpiece) may differ from the product image, as each is unique.
Note: Due to the high demand, we were forced to change the manufacturer of the packaging. Unfortunately, the production of the wooden boxes took too long production times. In order to avoid longer waiting times, we have changed the packaging. The new packaging consists of a high-quality cardboard box with a magnetic closure. 

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5 / 5 Punkte


Bin sehr zufrieden mit der Shisha. Alles wunderbar. Aufbau hat einfach funktioniert. Raucht perfekt!

5 / 5 Punkte


Als jemand der eine shisha öfters in Anspruch nimmt , bin ich was pfeifen und ihre Hypes angeht vorsichtig geworden . Ich muss aber sagen das die Moze Brezz II mich wahnsinnig überrascht hat . Sie verspricht nicht nur das was sie hält sondern bringt viel mehr mit . Sie ist leicht zusammen zu bauen , von der Größe eher bescheiden , aber was da an Durchzug kommt ( richtiger Kopfbau ) ist schon beachtlich . Der Favorit beim Blowoff ist ganz klar oben unter dem Kopf (Teller ) sieht einfach mega aus . Ich kann die Pfeife also nur für alle Skeptiker und jene die einfach Bock auf Hochwertigkeit setzten wärmstens empfehlen .
Ich hoffe ihr übertrefft eurer eigenen Werke noch ein bisschen öfter liebes Moze Brezz Team :)

5 / 5 Punkte

TOP Pfeife. Geile Qualität

5 / 5 Punkte

[email protected]

5 / 5 Punkte

Super Shisha, ist sehr empfehlenswert ?

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